Phone Filmmaking Workshop for Young People

Image: Still from 'A Tool for Loneliness - Please Stay Seated While The Vehicle's in Motion' by Louise Webb

Abstract Mobile Phone Filmmaking Workshop

PIE FACTORY MUSIC, Ramsgate Youth Centre,St. Lawrence High Street, Ramsgate, CT11 0QG
7.15 - 8.45pm
AGE: 11 - 18
Continuing with our series of filmmaking workshops for young people artist Louise Webb will lead a workshop sharing aspects of her practice.

Louise Webb is an artist who uses mobile phones to make films that play with the idea of social media and storytelling, highlighting the fictional aspects of presenting oneself in social media.

Using the 'timeline' concept as seen in Instagram stories you will use your own phone to create a moving image, then working as a group you’ll share your footage and create distorted visuals through a variety of editing software before projecting it at the end of the workshop.
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