Extending the Frame

Media Blackout II by Deniz Johns
We are extremely proud to present eleven artist filmmakers work during this years' Whitstable Biennale, starting with a four week exhibition at University of Kent, School of Arts' Studio 3 Gallery 10 May - 8 June 2018, 11 - 5pm Monday to Friday and a one night screening 'Resisting Expectations' at The Horsebridge Arts Centre on 4th June.

Extending the Frame is an installation of experimental artist film, video and 3D light works featuring; Amy Dickson, Simon Payne, Andrew Pepper and Mary Stark. Bringing together holograms, woven film, recorded mobile phone performance and a classic avant-garde film used anew as a graphic score. These works have been chosen because of their intrinsic use of one or more elements of what we think of as cinema, light, duration, movement and the representation of 3 dimensional space on a 2 dimensional medium. However, that is where the relationship to cinema ends and a new exploration of the materials of film/time based medium begin.

A series of events will take place in the gallery during the exhibition and will includes:

  • A special performance by Deniz Johns and Amy Dickson on 26th April.
  • Installation and multi screen projections by students from the School of Music & Fine Art and Film
  • A programme of short films including; Joan Jonas and John and James Whitney plus others.
  • A one night live screening of work by Simon Payne and Nicky Hamlyn.

More details on this programme will be announced over the next few days.



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